Biodiversité (2011-2012)

Sir Gordon Conway

Conférence "Why is biodiversity critical for feeding the world ?"

Cette conférence fait partie du Cycle de conférences "Biodiversité". Elle est une Grande Conférence de l’Ecole Normale Supérieure.

12 décembre 18h-20h, salle Dussane, 45 rue d’Ulm :

Sir Gordon Conway

Professor of International Development,
Agriculture for Impact,
Imperial College London

Species and genetic biodiversity is crucial to the productivity and stability of agriculture for the 400 to 500 million smallholder farmers in the world. We need :

  • A diversity of plant, livestock and soil microbial species to enhance the resilience of agricultural production be it through such traditional, conventional or intermediate technologies as agroforestry, home gardens, mixed cropping or integrated pest management.

  • A diversity of genes for maintaining robust local land race crop varieties and for providing new platform technological research with a broad library of genes and traits on which to draw.

If agriculture is to sustainably increase food production in the face of many interconnected challenges such as climate change we need a Doubly Green Revolution : for agricultural system

s to be productive, stable, resilient and equitable. If smallholder farmers are to achieve this they require a wide range of appropriate technologies and a high level of biological diversity available to them.

PDF de la présentation ICI

►Students and researchers that wish to meet and discuss with Sir Gordon Conway over lunch (offered by the ENS), on Tuesday 13 december, can register here.










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