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PDF of publications (2006 - 201.)

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76) Li, F.J., Wu, N.Q., Pei, Y.P., Hao, Q.Z. & Rousseau, D.D. (2006). Wind-blown origin of Dongwan late Mio-Pliocene dust sequence documented by land snail record in western Chinese Loess Plateau. Geology 34 : 405-408 (PDF)
77) Rousseau D.D. & Clague J. (2006). Nick Shackleton, the passing of a Giant. Quat. Int. 148 : 168-169 (PDF)
78) Packman, S.C., Mauz, B., Rousseau, D.D., Antoine, P., Rossignol, J. & Lang, A. (2006). Implications of broad dose distributions obtained with the single-aliquot regenerative-dose method on quartz fine-grains from loess. Quat. Geochrono. 2 : 39-44.(PDF)
79) Rousseau, DD, Kukla G. & McManus, J. (2006) What is what in the ice and the ocean. Quat Sci. Rev., 25 : 2025-2030 (PDF)
80) LI, F., WU, N.Q. & Rousseau, D.D. (2006). Preliminary study of mollusk fossils in the Qinan Miocene loess-soil sequence in western Chinese Loess Plateau. Sci. China D (Earth Sciences) 49, 7 724-730 (PDF)
81) Rousseau DD, Schevin P, Duzer D, Cambon G, Ferrier J, Jolly D & Poulsen U. (2006). Pollen transport to Southern Greenland : new evidences of a late Spring long distance transport. Rev. Paleobot. Palynol. 141 : 277-286 (PDF)
82) Rousseau DD, Hatte C, Guiot J, Duzer D, Schevin P & Kukla G (2006). Inversing biomes and d13C for the Grande Pile Eemian record : reconstruction of an instable climate interval. Quat. Sci. Rev. 25 : 2806-2819 (PDF)
83) Rousseau DD, Hatte C, Duzer D, Schevin P, Kukla G & Guiot J (2006). Estimates of temperature and precipitation variations during the Eemian interglacial : New data from the Grande Pile record (GP XXI). In F. Sirocko et al (Eds) "Climate of the Past Interglacials", Elsevier, 231-238 (PDF)
84) Sirocko, F., Claussen, M., Litt, T., Sanchez Goni, M.F., Berger, A., Boettger, T., Diehl, M., Desprat, S., Delmonte, B., Degering, D., Frechen, M., Geyh, M.A., Groeger, M., Kageyama, M., Kaspar, F., Kühl, N., Kubatzki, C., Lohmann, G., Loutre, M.F., McManus, J., Müller, U.G., Rein, B., Rosendahl, W., Toucoux, K., Rousseau, D.D., Seelos, K., Siddall, M., Scholz, D., Spötl, C., Urban, B., Vautravers, M., Velichko, A.A., Wenzel, S., Widmann, M., and Wünnemann, B., 2006, Chronology and climate forcing of the last four interglacials (MIS 5, 7, 9, 11), in Sirocko, F., Claussen, M., McManus, J., and Sanchez-Goni, M.F., eds., "Climate of the past interglacials", Elsevier, 597-614 (PDF)
85) Rousseau DD, Antoine P, Kunesch S, Hatte C, Rossignol J, Packamn S, Lang A & Gauthier C (2007). Evidence of cyclic dust deposition in the US Great Plains during the last deglaciation from the high resolution analysis of the Peoria Loess in the Eustis sequence (Nebraska, USA). Earth Planet. Sci. Let, 262 ; 159-174 (PDF)
86) Wu N, Chen XY, Rousseau DD, Li FJ, Pei YP & Wu B (2007). Climatic conditions recorded by terrestrial mollusc assemblages in the Chinese Loess Plateau during marine Oxygen Isotope Stages 12-10. Quat. Sci. Rev. 26 : 1884-1896 (PDF)
87) Rousseau DD, Sima A, Antoine P, Hatte C, Lang A & Zoeller L (2007). Link between European and North-Atlantic abrupt climate changes over the last glaciation. Geophys. Res. Let., 34, L22713, doi1029/2007/GL031716 (PDF)
88) Rousseau DD, Derbyshire E., Antoine P & Hatte c (2007). European loess. In S. Elias et al (Eds) "Encyclopedia of Quaternary", Elsevier, Amsterdam, 1440-1456 (PDF)
89) Fuchs M, Rousseau DD, Antoine P, Hatte C., Gauthier C., Markovic S, Jovanovic M, Zoeller, L, Fischer M, Gaudenyi T, Moine O, & Rossignol J. (2008). Chronology of the Last Climatic Cycle (Upper Pleistocene) of the Surduk loess sequence, Vojvodina, Serbia. Boreas, 37, 66-73 (PDF)
90) Rousseau DD, Schevin P, Ferrier J, jolly D, Andreasen T, Ascanius SE, Hendriksen SE & Poulsen U. (2008) Long-distance pollen transport from North America to Greenland in Spring. J. Geophys. Res. 113, G02013, doi:10.1029/2007JG000456 (PDF)
91) Moine O, Rousseau DD & Antoine P (2008). Abrupt malacological and lithological changes along the Upper Weichselian loess sequence of Nussloch (Rhine Valley, Germany). Quat. Res 70, 91-104 (PDF)
92) Li F, Rousseau DD, Wu N, Hao Q & Pei YP (2008). Late Neogene evolution of the East Asian monsoon revealed by terrestrial mollusk record in western Chinese Loess Plateau : from winter dominated to summer dominated sub-regime. Earth Planet. Sci. Let, 274:439-447 (PDF)
93) Antoine, P., Rousseau, D. D., Fuchs, M., Hatte, C., Gauthier, C., Markovic, S. B., Jovanovic, M., Gaudenyi, T., Moine, O. & Rossignol, J. (2009) High-resolution record of the last climatic cycle in the southern Carpathian Basin (Surduk, Vojvodina, Serbia). Quat. Int., 198, 19-36 (PDF)
94) Gerasimenko N & Rousseau DD (2008). Stratigraphy and paleoenvironments of the last Pleniglacial in the Kyiv koess region (Ukraine). Quaternaire 19, 293-307
95) Antoine P, Rousseau DD, Kunesch S, Hatte C, Lang A, Zoeller L & Moine O. (2009).Rapid and cyclic eolian deposition during the Last Glacial in European loess : A high-resolution record from Nussloch, Germany. Quat. Sci. Rev. 28, 2955-2973 (PDF)
96) Rousseau DD, Wu N, Pei YP & Li F (2009). Three exceptionally strong East-Asian summer monsoon events during glacial conditions in the past 470 kyr. Clim. Past. 5, 157-169 (PDF)
97) Hatte C, Rousseau DD, & Guiot J (2009). Climate reconstruction from pollen and d13C using inverse vegetation modeling. Implication for past and future climates. Clim. Past.5, 147-156 (PDF)
98) Sima A, Rousseau DD, Kageyama M, Ramstein G, Schulz M, Balkanski Y, Antoine A, Dulac F & Hatte C (2009). Imprint of North-Atlantic millennial-timescale variability on Western European loess deposits as viewed in a dust emission model (2009). Quat. Sci. Rev. 28, 2851-2866 (PDF)
99) Rousseau DD, Antoine P, Gerasimenko N, Sima A, Fuchs M, Hatte C, Moine O & Zoeller L (2011) North Atlantic abrupt climatic events of the Last Glacial period recorded in Ukrainian loess deposits ? Clim. Past 7, 221-234 (PDF)
100) Wolff E, Barbante C, Goose H, Kiefer T & Rousseau DD (2011). Clarifications about the concept and review process of Climate of the Past. J. Atmos. Sol.-Terr. Phys. 73, 2043 doi:10.1016/j.jastp.2011.06.013
101) Fuchs M, Kreutzer S, Rousseau DD, Antoine P, Hatte C, Lagroix F, Moine O, Gauthier C, Svoboda J & Lisa L (2013). The loess sequence of Dolni Vestonice, Czech Republic : A new OSL based chronology of the Last Climatic Cycle. Boreas 42, 664-677. 10.1111/j.1502-3885.2012.00299.x
102) Antoine P, Rousseau DD, Degeai, JP, Moine O, Lagroix F, Kreutzer S, Fuchs M, Hatte C, Gauthier C, Svoboda J & Lisa L (2013). High-resolution record of the environmental response to climatic variations during the last interglacial-glacial cycle in Central Europe : the loess-palaeosol sequence of Dolni ; Vestonice (Czech Republic). Quat. Sci. Rev. 67, 17-38, doi:10.1016/j.quascirev.2013.01.014 (PDF)
103) Hatte C, Gauthier C, Rousseau DD, Antoine P, Fuchs M, Lagroix F, Markovich S, Moine O & Sima A (2013). Excursions to C4 vegetation recorded in the Upper Pleistocene loess of Surduk (Northern Serbia) : An organic isotope geochemistry study. Clim. Past 9, 1001-1014 (PDF)
104) Sima A, Kageyama M, Rousseau DD, Ramstein G, Balkanski Y, Antoine P & Hatte C (2013). Modeling dust emission response to MIS 3 millennial climate variations from the perspective of East European loess deposits. Clim. Past 9, 1385-1402 (PDF)
105) Rousseau DD, Ghil M, Kukla G, Sima A, Antoine P, Fuchs M, Hatte C, Lagroix F, Debret M & Moine O (2013). Major dust events in Europe during marine isotope stage 5 (130–74 ka) : A climatic interpretation of the "markers". Clim. Past 9, 2213-2230 (PDF)
106) Giraudeau J, Renssen H, Knies J & Rousseau DD (2014). Preface "The changing Arctic and Subarctic environment : proxy- and model-based reconstructions of Holocene climate variability in the northern North Atlantic".Clim. Past, 10, 589-590 (PDF)
107) Li FJ, Wu NQ, Rousseau, DD, Dong YJ, Zhang D & Pei YP (2014). Late Miocene-Pliocene evolution of paleoclimate documented by terrestrial mollusk populations in western Chinese Loess Plateau. PLoS ONE 9(4) : e95754. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0095754 (PDF)
108) Taylor SN, Lagroix F, Rousseau DD & Antoine P (2014) Mineral magnetic characteristics of the Upper Pleniglacial Nussloch loess sequence (Germany) : An insight into local environment processes. Geophys. J. Int., 199, 1463-1480 doi : 10.1093/gji/ggu331 (PDF)
109) Rousseau DD, Chauvel C, Sima A, Hatté C, Lagroix F, Antoine P, Balkanski Y, Fuchs M, Mellett C, Kageyama M, Ramstein G & Lang A (2014). European glacial dust deposits : Constraints on atmospheric dust cycle modelling. Geophys. Res. Let . doi : 10.1002/2014GL061382 (PDF)

110) Prud’homme C, Lécuyer C, Antoine P, Moine O, Hatté C, Fourel F, Martineau F & Rousseau DD (2016). Palaeotemperature reconstruction during the Last Glacial from δ18O of earthworm calcite granules from Nussloch loess sequence, Germany. Earth Planet Sci. Lett 442, 13-20. doi :10.1016/j.epsl.2016.02.045
(PDF ci-dessous)
111) Moine, O., Antoine, P., Hatté, C., Landais, A., Mathieu, J., Prud’Homme, C. & Rousseau, D.-D. (2017). The 14C "earthworm clock" : a new approach to date the impact of Last Glacial climate variability recorded in west-European loess. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. U. S. A. 114 (24), 6209-6214 (PDF ci-dessous) doi :10.1073/pnas.1614751114
112) Rousseau, D.-D., Boers, N., Sima, A., Svensson, A., Bigler, M., Lagroix, F., Taylor, S. & Antoine, P. (2017). (MIS3 & 2) millennial oscillations in Greenland dust and Eurasian aeolian records : a paleosol perspective. Quat. Sci. Rev. 169, 99-113 doi : 10.1016/j.quascirev.2017.05.020. (PDF ci-dessous)
113)Sitzia L, Bertran P, Sima A, Chery P, Queffelec A & Rousseau,D.D. (2017). Last glacial wind regime in southwest France derived from dunes, grain-size gradients and loess geochemistry. Quat. Sci. Rev. 170 : 250-268. (PDF)
114) Rousseau, D.-D., Svensson, A., Bigler, M., Sima, A., Steffensen, J. P., and Boers, N. : Eurasian contribution to the last glacial dust cycle : how are loess sequences built ?, Clim. Past,,1181-1197, 2017.(PDF ci-dessous)
115) Prud’homme, C., Lécuyer, C., Antoine, P., Hatté, C., Moine, O. Fourel, F., Amiot, R., Martineau, F., and Rousseau, D.-D. 2017. d13C signal of earthworm calcite granules : a new proxy for palaeoprecipitation reconstructions during the Last Glacial in Western Europe. Quat. Sci. Rev. 179, 158-166,
116) Lécuyer, C., François Atrops, F., Romain Amiot, R., Angst D., Daux V., Flandrois J.P., Fourel F., Rey K., Royer A., Seris M., Touzeau A., and Rousseau, D.D. 2017. Tsunami sedimentary deposits of Crete records climate during the Minoan Warming Period (3,350 years BP). The Holocene (in the press)
117) Boers, N., Chekroun, M. D., Liu, H., Kondrashov, D., Rousseau, D.D., Svensson, A., Bigler, M., and Ghil, M. 2017. Inverse stochastic-dynamic models for high-resolution Greenland ice-core records. Earth System Dynamics (in the press).
118) Wu, N.Q., Li, F.J., and Rousseau, D.-D. (2017). Terrestrial mollusk records from Chinese loess sequences and changes in the East Asian monsoonal environment. J. Asian Earth Sci. (in the press)



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