Workshop on Coupled Climate-Economics Modelling and Data Analysis

The aim of this workshop is to advance and disseminate knowledge at the interface of climate and economic modelling, including a comparison with data in both areas. These topics already play an important role in the teaching and research activities of the CERES-ERTI at the ENS, and are expected to gain even more importance in the context of the Institute of the Environment within the new research university Paris-Science-et-Lettres (PSL).

The workshop should bring together distinguished personalities in the fields of economics and climate, as well as Ph.D. students and young researchers working on or interested in one or both of these fields. In the modelling of economics and climate, multiscale stochastic dynamics, as well as the study of instabilities and robustness of the models and the system itself, play an increasing role. Researchers at the Institut des Systèmes Complexes de Paris Île-de-France (ISC- PIF) have shed new light on these approaches, and the workshop intends to combine the area- specific expertise at CERES-ERTI with the methodological expertise at ISC-PIF in bringing to bear complex-systems concepts and research tools to the study of coupling climate and economics.

Fluctuations in climate and economics have had great impact in recent years, thus explaining the increased interest in studying stochastic stability and statistics. The ability of these approaches to characterize the robustness of the coupled climate-economic system has to be confronted with numerical studies and real data. To do so is a further goal of this event.

Finally, the dynamics on networks, whether ordered (periodic chains, regular grids) or random (Erdös-Rényi, "small-world"), as well as multi-agent models are of great interest in the modelling of (i) interactions between micro- and macroeconomics ; and (ii) interactions between phenomena at the local, regional and global scale in atmospheric, oceanic and climate dynamics. 



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Alessandra Giannini, Marc Fleurbaey

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Corinne Robert : corinne[at]robert

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2022-24 : Marine Fauché : marine.fauche[at]

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 Kadija Aouni : kadija.aouni