Workshop climate and biodiversity

Climate and Biodiversity : Interdisciplinary Workshop

Climate and Biodiversity : Interdisciplinary Workshop

Context and motivation : Climate change and biodiversity loss have emerged as key environmental challenges. They are often treated separately in academic research, although strong interlinkages have been identified : land use patterns affect both directly, biomass (both land and marine) is a key carbon sink, climate change is a likely booster of mass extinction, agro-food systems have strong impacts on biodiversity, on wild and raised animal welfare, and CO2 emissions. An even deeper link between the two topics comes from the growing calls to shed the anthropocentric perspective and develop a valuation of ecosystem services in which non-human species are seen not as instruments to human welfare but as co-users of spaceship Earth.

 This one-day workshop brings together specialists of climate policy, biodiversity, food and animal welfare from economics, philosophy and environmental sciences, to explore policy issues at the interface of climate change and biodiversity.

 Organizing institutions : : The « Opening Economics » Chair, Hermès – PSE and ENS-CERES. : The « Opening Economics » Chair, Hermès – PSE supports the PSE Initiative to develop collaborative group projects that reach out to other disciplines, in order to foster cross-fertilization of research, and this workshop is based on a collaboration between the two groups connected to philosophy and to environmental sciences.

 ENS-CERES serves as a hub for ENS students and researchers interested in the environmental and the related societal implications. This workshop, in particular, aims at fostering a productive exchange between economists, philosophers and environmental scientists.

Date : October 15, 2021
Venue : Paris School of Economics, 48 Bd Jourdan, 75014 Paris (and online)
Room  : R2-21 Format : hybrid

Organizing Committee :  M. Fleurbaey, F. Libois, K. Millock, S. Zuber

Schedule : Four sessions, containing three 20-min presentations, followed by discussion among speakers and with the audience for 30 min. A final keynote lecture (livestreamed).



Schedule :

8:45-9:00 : Opening
Jean-Olivier Hairault, PSE director
Marc Fleurbaey, PSE and ENS-CERES

9:00-10:30 Climate
Hélène Ollivier
Is carbon pricing bad for competitiveness ? The EU ETS
Simon Caney
Living justly within ecological limits
Jean-Pascal van Ypersele
Science of climate change : The latest IPCC assessment
Moderator : Katrin Millock

11:00-12:30 Biodiversity
Katheline Schubert
The value of biodiversity as an insurance device
Tatiana Visak
Considering non-human along with human welfare : some ethical challenges
Lucie Zinger
Hidden biodiversity and climate change in the ocean and on lands
Moderator : François Libois

 Lunch break

14:00-15:30 Biodiversity
Ian Bateman
Bringing climate, biodiversity and other ecosystem services into economic decision making
Mark Budolfson
Quantifying animal welfare, and integrating with existing ecosystem models
Jocelyne Porcher
Domestic biodiversity, human work, animal work
Moderator : Marc Fleurbaey

16:00-17:30 Climate
Frances Moore
Use and non-use value of nature and the social cost of carbon
Kian Mintz-Woo
Biodiversity losses and damages
Robert Socolow
Can wilderness values survive renewable energy ?
Moderator : Stéphane Zuber

18:00-19:00 : Keynote : Corinne Le Quéré
Using land in the context of a changing climate and Net Zero targets
Moderator : Mouez Fodha

19:00 : Closing
Alessandra Giannini, ENS-CERES director



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